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Application of Snow Melting Heating Cable in Highway Snow Melting

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Update time : 2022-07-21 15:17:17
In winter in northern my country, snow and ice often occur on the road surface. It has a serious impact on road smoothness and driving safety. It is very easy to cause traffic accidents and cause losses to people's lives and the national economy.
Because the heating and snow melting cable has the advantages of safety, durability, environmental protection, energy saving, convenient control, and can ensure normal operation in special environments, the use of heating cables to melt snow and ice can guarantee the heat, which is a safe and reliable method for snow melting and ice melting.
After the installation and laying of the snow melting cable on the road is completed, the heating cable can raise the temperature of the road surface by 1-9.9°C to achieve the effect of melting ice and snow. In order to prevent the snow from melting too fast after heating, and the snow water flowing to other road sections and causing the road to freeze, the temperature can be adjusted to control the melting speed of the snow, so that the water will not flow into a river. In addition, we can make rainwater gutters or lay rainwater pipes on both sides of the road. Even if there is water flowing down, the snow water can flow directly into the rainwater gutters.