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Self-Regulating electric heat tape cable should be used for low-temperature environment piping.

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Update time : 2023-08-09 09:52:13
                 In the northern winter not only span a long time the temperature is also very low, the whole winter usually more than 100 days the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius. In such a temperature environment, the liquid medium in the pipeline is very easy to coalesce to form a frozen pipe blockage, to our usual days bring a lot of inconvenience.

               For the majority of the northern region pipeline anti-freezing demand, can use the pipeline electric accompanied by the tropical system, for the winter pipeline to have anti-freezing heat preservation has obvious effect. The electric accompanies the heat and the electric accompanies the heat fitting combination way, forms a complete pipeline antifreeze heat preservation system. This is a new kind of heat preservation and antifreezing concept, set the electricity accompanies the heat and heat preservation, antifreezing in one, the device is quick, the use is simple.

              Self Regulating electric heat tape for caustic soda and other heat-sensitive liquids to prevent freezing or overheating, heat-sensitive liquids are usually in industrial chemical occasions. According to the characteristics of the medium to select explosion-proof anti-corrosion type self-limiting electric heat tape, low-temperature type electric heat tape operating temperature of 65 degrees, can keep the medium temperature within a reasonable range. Suitable for industrial chemical pipeline freezing accompanied by heat.

                      The pipeline electric accompanies the tropical has the heat uniformity, the safety and reliability, the energy conservation and environmental protection, the application is wide, the service life is long and so on the characteristic, the pipeline as long as uses the accompanies the tropical for the frostproof heat preservation does not have to worry about the occurrence of the freezing blockage problem. Accompanied by the heat as a kind of can accurately adjust the temperature, the heat preservation effect is good product more and more by the majority of users welcome.