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Control and adjustment method of heating cable products

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Update time : 2022-11-11 16:10:56
      Pipeline insulation using electric heat tracing generally chooses double-conductor heating cables, which have two inner cores. The heating cable should have hidden joint technology, excellent insulation performance, high strength, strong shielding, and the shielding layer should be fully shielded by metal. In addition, it must have superior waterproof and environmental protection properties.
     The heating cable is laid along the outer wall of the pipeline. The heating cable is installed on the outside of the pipeline in a parallel or wavy line. The branch pipe is installed in parallel or in a straight line under the pipeline. The specific method is determined according to the site conditions. The standard is to leave a margin to facilitate the maintenance of the pipe fittings in this place.
      Each electric heat tracing system should be able to prevent damage from ultra-high temperature. A special temperature controller for electric heat tracing can be used to control the start and stop of the heating cable by one-to-one connection with the temperature sensor.
The temperature adjustment methods include manual and automatic adjustment. Automatic adjustment means that each heating cable unit includes circuits such as thermostat, temperature sensor, air switch, AC contactor, heating cable disconnection monitor, working status display, fault buzzer alarm, etc. In order to observe, control and adjust the working condition of electric heat tracing.
      Under working conditions, the temperature sensor is placed on the heated pipe, and its temperature can be measured at any time. According to the pre-set temperature, the thermostat is compared with the temperature measured by the temperature sensor, and the air switch and AC contactor in the heating cable control box are used to cut off and connect the power supply in time to achieve the purpose of heating and anti-freezing. In order to ensure the reliability of the power supply of each heating cable, each heating cable insulation system control box controls the temperature of the pipes of the same nature and the same type of pipe. Each heating cable in the heating cable insulation system control box works independently, and is equipped with air circuit breaker and leakage protection circuit breaker.