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Antifreeze and heat preservation of electric heat tracing system in high-speed railway tunnel drainage pipeline

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Update time : 2022-08-05 14:02:16
       High-speed rail is the abbreviation of high-speed railway. The operating speed of trains is generally above 200km/h. my country's high-speed railway has developed rapidly, and the construction mileage has been relatively long in recent years. Some sections are in alpine regions and need to pass through tunnels. Dark, humid and cold, such as drainage pipes, it is easy to freeze at low temperatures, which affects the use. It is necessary to use an electric heat tracing system to maintain the temperature.
When choosing an electric heat tracing model for the drainage pipe in a high-speed railway tunnel, if the ordinary basic type cannot meet the requirements of the environment, you can choose an explosion-proof and anti-corrosion type electric heating cable, and then calculate the electric heating cable according to the length and diameter of the pipe. Dosage and number of accessories (explosion-proof junction box, power junction box, temperature controller, foil tape, pressure-sensitive tape, etc.). What needs to be reminded is to leave a margin for easy installation and maintenance.
In addition to the drainage pipes in high-speed rail tunnels that can be insulated with electric heat tracing systems, fire water pipes in some industrial occasions, water supply pipes, tap water pipes in civil occasions, and hot water pipes in commercial buildings can also be used. It uses electric energy. , clean and environmentally friendly, installation and operation are also very convenient, and the efficiency of heat tracing and heat preservation is also relatively high.