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The role of adhesive tapes and stainless steel ties in electrical trace heating systems

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Update time : 2023-11-21 13:30:04
                  The electric heat tracing system needs to be tied with stainless steel ties and adhesive tapes respectively when it is installed, and if these two accessories are not used for tying, it may result in the electric heat tracing system not functioning properly.

                  Stainless steel tie is used with the buckle in the junction box on the fixed, because the stainless steel tie for stainless steel metal material, if installed on the surface of the electric heating tape, will be accompanied by the outer layer of the tropical destruction, so it is not suitable for use. The tape is generally used for the fixing of the heating trace cable tape. The use of adhesive tape can increase the heat dissipation surface and diffusion of heat dissipation, so that the electric heating cable preservation effect is good.

                  The tape used in the electric heating trace cable belt is divided into two kinds, one kind is the pressure sensitive adhesive tape, the other kind is the aluminum foil tape. Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is the electric heat tracing cable laid on the surface of the pipeline, play a fixed role, at the same time also has the effect of insulation and temperature resistance, while the aluminum foil tape is the electric heating cable diffusion and thermal insulation, will be a single heat diffusion to the entire pipeline, so as to play a chemical ice antifreeze effect.

                 Aluminum foil tape has thermal conductivity, chemical corrosion resistance, applicable to a variety of surfaces. Because of the pipe material is different, more or less will appear the problem of uneven heat transfer, easy to cause a certain point of the pipeline concentrated heat, especially the electric heating cable belt in the pipeline installation of the folding place, concentrated heat is more obvious, so the use of aluminum foil adhesive tape can increase the heat area of the pipeline, so as to ensure that the pipeline electric heated cable of the overall heat preservation effect.