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Wiring method of electric heating cable thermostat

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Update time : 2022-04-01 14:36:12
      Electric heating cables have different models according to the environment, temperature and other parameters, such as constant power electric heating cables or MI armored heating cables, it is necessary to install a temperature controller to adjust the process temperature required by the pipeline or tank.
       The working principle of the temperature controller is to automatically monitor the ambient temperature through the temperature sensor. When the ambient temperature is higher than the set value range, the control circuit will start. If the temperature is still rising, when the temperature rises to the set over-limit alarm temperature point, the over-limit alarm function will be activated. If the temperature cannot be effectively controlled, in order to prevent the electrical equipment from being burned out, the device will be tripped to prevent the equipment from continuing to work.
       The key to the wiring work of the thermostat is the connection of input and output. As long as the connection of these two parts is done well, the power supply can work normally. The thermostat is a control mechanism, so it needs a sensor that can collect external signals. Therefore, the thermostat has an input terminal. Depending on the model of the thermostat, there will be different requirements for the voltage and the number of wiring. When connecting, you must first understand the wiring requirements of the thermostat.
       The thermostat is also an execution structure, so there will be an output terminal. The output terminal is used for the execution signal of the execution structure. The output terminal and the input terminal will be marked with letters. These letters determine the specific wiring quantity and method, so in order for the thermostat to work normally after connection, it is necessary to combine these contents for wiring.
       The alarm device of the thermostat and the connection method of the power supply are also very simple. The alarm device belongs to a common terminal and needs to be connected in combination with the model of the thermostat. The connection of the power supply must meet the voltage requirements. Generally, the power supply of the thermostat has 80 -220V AC and 24V DC/AC 2 kinds of power supply.
       The above is an introduction to the working principle of the thermostat, as well as a brief introduction to the connection method of the input end, input end, power supply and alarm device of the thermostat. to do this work.