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Electric heating cable application in winter logistics container anti-freezing heat preservation

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Update time : 2023-11-13 09:20:42
                 Nowadays, the pace of social and economic development is getting faster and faster, with the rise of e-commerce enterprises, China's logistics and express delivery industry has been a significant development, and its freight transport gradually tends to be normalised, specialised and information-based development. We should all know the cold chain, refers to the product from the time of production, has been to the hands of consumers, through the processing, storage, transport, sales and other links, has been in the product under the required low-temperature environment of the special supply chain system. The products it covers are mainly food products, including agricultural products, meat, dairy products and so on. In our daily life, we often buy fresh food online, and the mode of transport is the cold chain.

                      However, in the cold environment of wine, oil (such as animal and plant oil) containers, process chemical field chemicals and other liquids containers, food storage containers and so on, according to its storage and transport medium on the storage and transport process temperature requirements, equipped with special electric heat tracing cable heat preservation device, to protect the medium in the transport process of the normal delivery.

                For example.
           1, shipping 170 ℃ C below high temperature liquid asphalt asphalt tank container, in order to protect the temperature demand in the process of transport, the use of electric heating trace cable preservation device, accompanied by heat temperature in 100 ℃ or so to facilitate loading and unloading, to achieve the purpose of safe operation.
           2, the oil belongs to the high condensation oil, the oil tank container in the cold weather, the condensation increases, causes the oil unloading difficulty, uses the electricity heating cable anti-freezing measure, maintains the temperature maintenance which the demand.

                    Electricity heating cable system as a kind of high efficiency heat preservation system, is today's production in the better heat preservation form, has been generally used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power and so on the field of pipeline, valve, storage tanks in the cold harsh conditions of the anti-freezing heat preservation.