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Electrici heating cable to solve the problem of low-temperature latex in the pipeline fluidity is poor

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Update time : 2023-11-16 09:21:57
               Latex is a kind of easy to dry or fast-drying emulsion, used in daily decoration, decoration, in the production of latex, when the temperature is relatively low, the latex will be thickened, which caused its liquidity deterioration, the phenomenon of clogging the pipeline, in order to ensure that the latex in the pipeline in the circulation of the manufacturer needs to be for the installation of latex pipeline accompanied by heating cable preservation facilities.

                   Through the understanding of different accompanying heat insulation way, the electric heating trace cable accompanies the heat insulation way to enter the latex production enterprise's sight, thus chooses the electric accompanying heat insulation way. The electricity accompanies the heat preservation is installs the electricity accompanies the hot tape in the latex transmission pipeline outer wall, then installs the heat preservation layer, passes on the electricity, then the electricity accompanies the hot system can provide the required temperature for the latex pipeline. The electricity accompanies the heat system in addition to can guarantee the latex pipeline to circulate the required temperature in addition, also can in the winter for it to play the role of antifreeze.

                       Latex pipeline electric heating tape cable consists of conductive polymer and two parallel metal wires and insulating sheath. Can automatically adjust the output power with the temperature change of the heated system, automatically limit the temperature of the heating, and can be cut according to the site environment, safety and environmental protection. The accompanying heat tape is a kind of heat output power by automatically adjusting the cable so as to achieve with the heated object of each local temperature match, has the double function of heating and heat preservation and automatic temperature control. Because it can change with the ambient temperature, segmented automatic adjustment of its heating power, so that the heated object temperature is constant in a range and uniform distribution.

                    With the continuous development of electric heating cable technology, electric heating tracing cable insulation is not only applied to latex pipeline insulation, but also widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, instrumentation, steel and other pipelines and equipment. Due to the high efficiency of heating cable, convenient installation, simple operation, electric heating cable preservation is also widely favored by the users.