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Electricity heating system to apply in the dam hydroelectric generator set

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Update time : 2023-11-09 09:14:43
                 Is it feasible to utilize the electric heating cable for the heat conduction oil pipeline of the generating unit of the hydroelectric power station? Because of our country's hydroelectric resources are relatively rich, many rivers are built on the hydroelectric power station, large hydroelectric power station in the design of the fusion of many aspects of the system composition, all the possibilities of the problem, all need to be considered, and to have a plan. This is a large hydroelectric system is different from other miniaturized power station an important aspect, but also to the designers put forward the new challenge. Of course, in addition to the electric heating trace cable, also can choose other accompanying heat method. But now, it seems that the use of electric heat tracing cable in the key position is the more ideal heat preservation method. Helps the hydropower station to run smoothly and safely.

                   The heat conduction oil used in the generator set is biphenyl ether heat conduction oil, although it has the higher thermal stability in the heat conduction oil, the higher application temperature can reach several hundred degrees. But its icing electricity in a few degrees or so, if did not use the accompanying heat preservation method, in the icy cold area, stop the maintenance period may attack the crystallization situation, affect the normal work. Therefore, usually need to be equipped with natural gas or electric heating system, to ensure that the heat conduction oil in any case are higher than its crystallization temperature point, to ensure that it can be used normally.

                In foreign countries, there are a lot of power station electric heating cable successful use case. In addition to a small portion of foreign countries use melt salt, most of them use heat-conducting oil, the higher temperature of about three hundred degrees, and the domestic nuclear power plant boric acid pipeline heat accompaniment with the higher temperature is about the same. Regarding the power station in the high cold area, in order to ensure that the heat conduction oil does not crystallize in the pipeline, it is necessary to use the electric heating system to keep warm. According to the temperature of the heat conduction oil and the chemical characteristics, the use of high temperature, and has a strong corrosion resistance of stainless steel sheath MI mineral insulated heating cable is more suitable, about the strong acid and alkali environment, you can consider using the alloy 825 outer sheath of the MI mineral insulated heating cable.