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Hotel hot spring hot water pipeline heat preservation choice of electric heating cable tape

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Update time : 2023-11-06 09:04:00
                   In today's era of technological development, some five hotels have provided the service of soaking in the spa, the hotel is to provide people with short-term rest or sleep, in the rest at the same time also provides a safe, comfortable health spa services is a very enjoyable thing. Therefore spa hotels are generally more attractive to customers.

                       Because hot spring hotels are relatively rare, some hot springs in the hotel are introduced from other places in the spring, so there is a need to transport the process, in the process of hot spring water temperature will change due to the external environmental temperature, so the need for pipeline insulation. Generally outside the winter temperature is cold, if the spa pipe does not do any insulation measures in transit there will be heat loss, so that the spa water temperature drops, affecting the effect. For the temperature requirements choose to use the self regulating temperature medium temperature series electric heat tracing cable tape for installation.

                    Hotel spa electric heating trace cable pipe insulation programme is based on the temperature of the spa and choose, if the temperature of the medium in the spa pipeline is more than 60 ℃ then you can use constant power electric heating cable or MI minerals electric heating cable for heat preservation treatment.

                     Medium temperature self regulating temperature electric heating cable working temperature of 105 ℃, exposure temperature of 135 ℃, only need to electric heating cable winding in the pipeline, electric heat tracing cable can maintain the pipeline medium temperature does not change, and has been maintained. The working principle of electric heating cable working principle is the use of electrical energy into thermal energy on the pipeline to maintain the temperature of the water, in general, according to the pipeline to maintain the temperature and the site environment temperature selection.