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Underground garage fire sprinkler pipeline heating by the choice of electric heating cable tape

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Update time : 2023-11-03 09:06:58
                    Underground garage fire pipe in a dark environment for a long time, when the winter comes to the cold temperature, underground garage fire facilities due to the lack of sunlight, the temperature is relatively low pipeline inside the medium is prone to freezing phenomenon, affecting the normal use, however, the fire pipeline is a very important facility, you need to keep the pipeline unimpeded.

                      Therefore, many fire facilities in order to ensure that the pipeline in the winter can also be used normally will be installed with heat insulation equipment, due to the underground garage fire pipeline route is more complex, need to choose the heating effect is good, the installation and maintenance of more convenient heating preservation method, the hotel underground garage fire fighting, sprinkler pipeline heat preservation generally choose self-limiting temperature electric heating tracing cable products.

                    Self Regulating temperature electric heat tracing cable products is a new form of heat accompaniment, the use of electrical energy converted to heat to realize the way of heat preservation, electric heat conversion efficiency is high, easy to install and maintain, only need to be heating trace cable wrapped around the fire sprinkler pipeline, fixed, outside the addition of thermal insulation can be, and the service life is also relatively long.

                       There are many models of electric floor heating cable, according to a variety of site environment and temperature requirements, if the environment is particularly complex and high temperature requirements, self regulating electric heating cable can not reach the case, you can also choose constant power series of electric heating cable or Mineral Insulated heating cable and other products.