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Mud Pump Electric Heating Tape Cable Design Program Introduction

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Update time : 2023-09-19 08:45:56
                   Mud pump refers to the drilling process to the drilling hole in the transmission of mud or water and other flushing liquid machinery, it is an important part of the drilling equipment. In the winter time mud pump inside the medium will also happen to freeze phenomenon, so need insulation anti-freezing equipment, at present the use of electric heat tape cable system is the most effective.

                     Mud pump electric heating trace cable is to use the electric energy to convert into the heat energy way to the pipeline inside the medium to carry on the heat compensation, to supplement the medium heat loss. Mud pump antifreeze heat preservation can choose self regulating temperature electric trace heating cable, will heat trace cable laid in the pipeline, after the electricity pipe heating cable began for the pipeline accompanied by heat, when the temperature rises to a certain value heating tracing cable automatically stop running, when the temperature drops heating tracing cable and began to start running, very convenient.

                    Mud pump electric heating trace cable tape is by the conductive polymer and two parallel metal wires and the insulation layer. It is characterized by the conductive polymer has high positive temperature coefficient characteristics, and each other in parallel, can be heated with the temperature change of the system automatically adjusts the output power, automatic limitation of the heating temperature, can be arbitrarily cut off or in a certain range of the use of the length, and allows multiple cross overlap without high temperature hot spots and burned out of the worry.

                           Mud pump electric heat tracing tape cable is a kind of by automatically adjusting the heat output power of the cable so as to achieve with the heated object of each local temperature match, has the double function of heating and heat preservation and automatic temperature control. Because it can change with the ambient temperature, the segmentation automatically adjusts its heating power, makes the heated object temperature constant in a certain range and uniform distribution.

                           Mud pump electric heating tape wire cable has heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, stable chemical and physical properties and other characteristics. Electricity heating cable due to the good heat effect and simple installation, has been widely used in all walks of life pipeline, tank frost insulation, the use of the effect has been widely praised by the user.