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The Electric Heating Tape Cable Heat Preservation System to Apply to The Water Storage Tank to Accompany The Heat to Prevent Freezing

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Update time : 2023-09-15 10:07:02
Water storage tank in the industry and civil all play a big role, but in the winter come, water storage tank inside the medium will be due to the outside temperature is too low and lead to freeze, affect the normal use. Therefore, in the arrival of winter must be on the water storage tank insulation treatment, it is recommended to use the electric heating tape cable heat preservation system.

Water storage tank electric heating cable is the use of electrical energy into thermal energy on the pipeline frost insulation, the principle is conductive polymer has a high positive temperature coefficient characteristics, and parallel connection with each other, can be heated with the temperature change of the system automatically adjusts the output power, automatic limitation of the temperature of the heating, can be arbitrarily cut off or in a certain range of the use of the long and allows many times to cross the overlap without the high temperature of hot spots and the anxiety of burnt.

                     Users in the use of heat tape on water storage tanks to prevent freezing and heat preservation, the first point must be to consider the diameter of the tank, because most of the tank belongs to the round or square, the use of winding installation will be easier than the other way of laying to play the effect of heat accompaniment, so in the installation of the user needs to pay attention to the general water storage tank outlet in the lower part of the tank, only need to be heat trace cable in accordance with the proportion of the storage tanks in two-thirds of the winding can be stored in the tank on the upper part of the tank need not to be installed, only need to be out of the mouth of the tank and the lower part of the tank heat insulation to prevent freezing.

                      The water storage tank electric heating trace cable to have the flexibility, can be very conveniently close in the pipeline surface, the outer metal armor increases its strength, and can transfer the heat, the heat dissipation, can as the static electricity generation and the safety grounding explosion-proof and with the relevant explosion-proof temperature controller supporting the use of, can control the equipment medium temperature accurately so as to realize the automation operation. The water storage tank electric heat tracing cable has accompanies the heat evenly, the efficiency is high, the service life is long and so on the advantage, can in the short time reaches the temperature peak value, and can melt the snow melts the ice rapidly, will the storage tank medium to restore to the initial liquid state. Here need to remind is the user in the purchase of electric heating cable products need to find the electric heat cable manufacturers to buy, they can provide the corresponding product standards and qualification certificates, quality assurance, so that can rest assured that the purchase.