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The Oil and Gas Recovery Facilities Using Electric Heat Tracing Cable System Heat Preservation and Heat Accompaniment

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Update time : 2023-09-21 09:15:07
                    The Oil and gas recovery facilities because of its operating medium benzene, toluene, p-xylene, in the winter temperature is relatively low in the case of crystallization will occur, clogging the pipeline, so that the normal operation of the equipment has been affected, and now the use of electric heating cable system to maintain its corresponding temperature effect.

                  The oil and gas recovery facility electric heat trace cable is a kind of by automatically adjusting the heat output power of the cable so as to achieve with the heated object every local temperature match, has the double function of heating insulation and automatic temperature control. Because it can change with the ambient temperature, the segment automatically adjusts its heating power, makes the heated object temperature constant in a certain range and uniform distribution.

                 The oil and gas recovery facilities electric heating tracing cable  because of the softness, can be easily attached to the surface of the pipeline, electric heating tape cable outer metal shielding network can prevent the generation of static electricity and safety grounding, which not only improves the overall strength of the electric pipe heating system cable, but also plays a role in heat transfer and heat dissipation.

                   The oil and gas recovery facility electric heat tracing cable control box to use the node to control the temperature, measuring and controlling which a section of the pipeline temperature situation, according to the set temperature value, lower than the temperature situation automatically turn on the electric circuit, elevate the system temperature; Excessive temperature automatically cut off the electric circuit, limit the temperature, in order to achieve the constant temperature accompanies the purpose of the heat. The field control box should be provided with sets of explosion-proof cable clamping devices and cable seals suitable for metal armored cables, which can directly enter the line.

                 The advantages of electric trace heating tape cable for the oil and gas recovery facilities lie in energy saving and environmental protection and no artificial maintenance, it has automatic adjustment function, can automatically adjust the output power with the temperature change of the medium to be heating cable, very simple and convenient. Users need to order from the professional manufacturers to ensure the safety of the use of heat tracing cable.