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Where is Mineral Insulated Heating Cable Usually Used?

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Update time : 2023-08-11 09:00:13
                   Mineral insulated heating cable pipe insulation and anti-freezing system adopts extremely reliable electric heating technology to heat the pipes, fluids or other process equipment that need to be insulated and anti-freezing, to supplement the heat lost from the fluids and to control their temperature to keep within the permitted range, which is applicable to the anti-freezing treatment and temperature maintenance of all kinds of pipeline systems and process equipment, valves and tanks. Such as: building water supply and drainage pipelines, domestic hot water pipelines, oil pipelines, other chemical and food industries, high viscosity liquid pipelines.

               MI Insulated Heating Cable Snow and Ice Melting System can be used to melt snow and ice on ramps, bridges, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, outdoor stairways and other outdoor facilities to ensure the safety of pedestrian areas. The system can be applied to special road surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and masonry. The inconvenience caused by snow and ice in winter for pedestrians and vehicles as well as the damage to buildings will no longer exist. Especially the installation on blind alleys provides safety for blind people traveling in winter. Snow and ice in the areas paved by this system are removed at all times, avoiding the hazards associated with heavy salting, manual shoveling and frost. Traffic accidents are reduced and the safety of pedestrians and vehicles is increased.

                     MI Insulated Heating Cable Soil Heat System prevents the soil from freezing and the grass is evergreen. Maintenance, low repair cost, safe and reliable. Suitable for soil heating of sports field, four-season square, garden lawn, will not destroy the green natural environment, and reduce the damage to the established lawn to a greater extent. Installation and use of the cost is very economical, saving the expenditure of seeding, maintenance, so that the lawn in the shortest possible time to return to use.

                     MI Insulated heating cable products are also particularly suitable for flammable and explosive areas, high radiation areas and inconvenient maintenance, replacement and need to be reliable long-term use of heat preservation and heating places.