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What are the advantages of installing heating cable electric underfloor heating in offices?

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Update time : 2023-08-04 09:52:03
             A building carries hundreds or thousands of staff, the building's fire safety is crucial. Office workers in the building in the winter is how to heat it, a variety of all kinds of, with electric heaters, air conditioning, and electric underfloor heating. The company in the renovation will consider whether the office installation of electric under floor heating is installed reliably, how to use the effect.

                In fact, it is very safe to install electric floor heating in the office, the waterproof insulation sheath of the heating cable electric floor heating adopts XLPE insulation and PVC outer sheath, which is resistant to high pressure, high temperature, penetration, strong chemical corrosion, safe and reliable, 100% waterproof penetration, tensile and compressive strength is suitable for various environments of the installation of the use of the insulation layer to ensure the continuity of the insulating layer and the use of the safety.

              China heat cable electric floor heating is the heating trace cable buried in the ground, good stability, non-corrosive, no man-made damage, the service life and building synchronisation, and the equipment is not affected by the outdoor temperature, if no man-made damage within 50 years do not need maintenance.

        Office heating indoor temperature should not be too high, generally kept at 15 to 20 degrees Celsius on the line, too high a temperature is not only detrimental to energy saving, but also affects the sense of comfort, but also to avoid due to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor temperature is too large and lead to colds. At the same time on the floor put pots of water or sprinkle some water, you can also use a humidifier to maintain indoor humidity. In addition, when choosing electric underfloor heating, be sure to choose equipment that meets national standards.

                The China heating cable floor heating system is concealed, simple to construct and has low floor height requirements. The principle is that the current through the cable cold line, after passing through the same resistance value of the hot line is hindered, produce heat, and emit in the form of radiation. Because in the working process, the energy transfer does not glow and does not make a sound, his thermal efficiency can reach more than 97%. Heat is absorbed by the filler layer and then heated in the air and objects by conduction and radiation. The height of the ground system is generally 3-5cm, by the combination of insulation, reflective film, heating cable and filler layer, such a height for a lot of building into the height limit of the space is extremely suitable.