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Aluminum foil tape is indispensable in electric heat tracing system

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Update time : 2023-07-28 14:41:22
                            In the electric accompanied by the tropical system, aluminum foil tape is the whole system is essential to a heat conduction and dissipation material, whenever the use of electric heat tape, will be equipped with tape for heat conduction and fixed, the lack of aluminum foil tape, the whole electric accompanied by the heat preservation of the thermal insulation performance of the heat preservation system will be greatly reduced.

                              Aluminum Foil Tape is a kind of high adhesive tape formed on the foil tape made of aluminum by craft processing, which has strong adhesive force and chemical corrosion resistance. It has a good conductive effect, can discharge static electricity, mainly used for electric heat tape fixed in the pipeline, but also can increase the heat area, improve the utilization rate of heat energy. Aluminum foil tape high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance is very significant, it can withstand temperatures up to 200 ℃, will not produce the phenomenon of shedding, very safe.

                    Compared with the use of aluminum sheets placed in the pipe and between the electric heating tape, the direct use of aluminum foil tape is more simple to use, aluminum foil tape can not only play a role in heat conduction, but also as a fixing tape, the electric heating tape will be tightly affixed to the surface of the pipeline without the need for any support for support, very simple.

                               Metal pipe in the use of electric heat tape and aluminum foil tape when the thermal conductivity is better than the plastic pipe, because the metal thermal conductivity is stronger, generally in use can obviously feel the heat preservation of ice fast, and plastic pipe in the use of electric heat tape for heat preservation and antifreeze, the speed of ice to be a little slower than the metal pipeline, because it is recommended that the use of aluminum foil tape in laying electric heat tape to conduct heat so that the effect of heat preservation is much more pronounced.

                Aluminum foil tape has many uses, it is not only strong thermal conductivity, in the use of the use can also be cut at will to use, not only the heating is affordable, in the installation of the installation also do not have to consider any occasions, it is not only used in the electric heat tape, for some electronic industry products also help, such as air conditioning, refrigerators, petrochemicals, automotive and construction fields can be used.