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Grain transportation pipeline heat preservation accompanying heat using constant power electric heat tape

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Update time : 2023-07-21 08:56:06
                            Now a lot of industries will use the pipeline to transport products or raw materials, is the excellent transportation auxiliary channel, can prevent the material by the influence of the external environment, the waste rate is low. Agricultural production in the transportation of food, because of technical reasons, also used to accompany the heat or accompany the cold, drying and dehydration processing, electric accompanied by tropical because of simple installation, the cost is not high, once the use of long-lasting and effective to provide accompanied by the heat preservation role, has become the indispensable food conveying pipeline accompanied by heat preservation solutions.

                            Because the agricultural grain transportation pipeline is relatively special, some pipeline direction is relatively complicated, so needs a kind of installation comparison simple and fit the grain transportation pipeline accompanying heat the demand method. This time can use the electric accompanies the heat to give the pipeline to accompany the heat, in installs the planning time, only needs to understand understands the internal environment initial temperature, the technology pipeline maintains the temperature, the pipeline diameter, the pipeline length and the local comparative low air temperature to be able. Together with the use of thermostat, the temperature can be set within the temperature range of the pipeline demand.

                       At present, most of the application in the civilian pipeline is constant power electric accompanied by heat tape, its heating temperature contrast stability, accompanied by high temperature, suitable for long-distance pipeline electric accompanied by heat demand, in any different environment, can play a very good role in accompanied by heat preservation.

                           Constant power electric accompanies the tropical has the service life long, the heat efficiency is high, the security is good, no electromagnetic pollution, more energy-saving environmental protection and so on the advantage, the variety, can according to the different occasions customized production, satisfies the customer each kind of industrial pipeline heat preservation demand. Especially suitable for petroleum, chemical, electric power, dock and other industries of long-distance pipeline and other equipment insulation accompanied by heat. Need to pay attention to the constant power electric accompanied by the heat tape can not cross winding, if spiral winding should have at least 10mm above the gap, so as not to cross winding at the overheating, affect the normal service life of the accompanying heat tape.