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What is the problem with a self-limiting electric heating tape that doesn't get hot but still works?

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Update time : 2023-07-14 10:19:57
                  Electric accompanies the tropical mainly divided into self-limiting temperature and constant power electric accompanies the tropical two categories, including self-limiting temperature electric accompanies the tropical can automatically limit the temperature, arbitrary shear installation, for the user not only facilitates the installation at the same time can save money, because do not have to install the temperature controller. But in the process of using the user will also encounter some problems, for example, we have received such a problem since the temperature-limiting electric heat tape is working, but not hot is how.

                 In view of the above problems raised by the user, can be viewed from the following aspects:

            1. Firstly, see whether to choose the electric accompanying tropical products with voltage, the voltage is too low may not reach the heat preservation requirements.
            2. Is not the heat loss is too big, the ambient temperature is too low.
            3. There is no external insulation, is not a long time in the humid state use.
            4. The service life of the electric accompanied by the tropical is not already more than, more than the service life, there may be self-limiting temperature accompanied by the tropical attenuation increase, resulting in not hot.
            5. Test the current value, see if the electric accompanies the tropical has the quality problem.
            6. Check whether the electric accompanied by the tropical has broken line place.

                   Of course, since the temperature-limiting electric heat tape if in the use of the process of not hot, there are many reasons, we need to patiently investigate, the user can not be investigated, you can let the electric heat tape manufacturer technical personnel to help investigate, here need to remind the user is to be prepared early to avoid the winter comes to the electric heat tracing system can not be used, and there are to be purchased from the professional manufacturer of the electric heat tape.