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Four principles and five precautions to be followed when installing electric heating cables

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Update time : 2023-07-07 10:07:11
                    Electric accompaniment tropical is for the solution of the northern weather temperature is low, the pipeline freezing blockage problem and born, most of the current accompaniment tropical are with self-temperature control function, in general, the temperature of the accompaniment tropical reaches 70 degrees, the accompaniment tropical will automatically reduce the heating current, so that the accompaniment tropical automatic constant temperature. In the installation of electric heating cable need to follow four principles and five points of attention.

               Electric tracing tropical installation follow four principles

      1, length enough: according to the need for insulation of the pipe, take enough length, the middle shall not joint.
      2, the line head staggered: joints and blind head of the two line cores staggered at least 2cm, not parallel.
      3, pay attention to waterproof: use waterproof tape and waterproof sealant to seal the joints as required.
      4, put in the middle: will accompany the tropical wire end and the blind end in the middle of the two layers of insulation.

                 Five precautions when installing electric tapes:

           1, electric tracing tropical use suitable capacity size of the leakage protector and power line specifications, the choice of power line, can refer to the specifications: within 5 meters, power line selection of national standard 0.5 ㎡; within 15 meters, power line selection of national standard 0.75 ㎡; within 30 meters, power line selection of national standard 1.5 ㎡, the longest laying not more than 50 m. Therefore, the power line to be based on the amount of electric tracing tropical to preferential selection.
           2, the electric accompanying tropical laying must be close to the pipe, in order to reduce heat loss.
           3, antifreeze temperature probe shall not be in direct contact with the accompanying tropical, temperature probe and accompanying tropical should be placed on both sides of the pipe, so as not to cause inaccurate sense of temperature.
           4, construction process, with the tropical surface shall not be scratched, peeling or cracks, etc.. Once found, immediately replace.
           5, shall not be excessive bending or bending with the tropical, its minimum bending radius should be greater than five times the bandwidth.