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Is electric underfloor heating in family houses the hotter the better?

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Update time : 2023-07-01 16:20:16
           Many people think that the hotter the heating cable electric underfloor heating is, the better, which is actually a misconception. Electric underfloor heating is a very common form of heating nowadays, even though how, many people still have many misconceptions about the use of electric underfloor heating. Because electric floor heating is adjustable temperature, so many people like to just turn on the temperature is much higher than the outdoor temperature, that the hotter the better, so that the temperature rises quickly at the same time, at home also do not need to wear thick cotton jacket, directly wear a shirt. After a while, you feel hot, so you open the window and blow the wind in order to dissipate the heat. In fact, this is not only uncomfortable but also very consuming of electrical energy.

          1, at the beginning of the temperature adjustment, the temperature is too high, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, wearing a shirt, although not feel cold, but still very easy to catch a cold.

    2, the temperature is too high, there is a negative impact on the home floor, especially the wooden floor, thermal expansion and contraction, it is easy to fail. Installation of heating cable electric floor heating our advice is not to install solid wood flooring.

    3, the higher the temperature, the drier the room
    4, the temperature is too high, the heating cable electric floor heating system pressure is too large, will reduce the service life of the whole system.

           It can be seen that electric floor heating is not the hotter the better. The following are a few suggestions to remind you:

  1, the heating cable electric floor heating needs to be heated slowly, you can't adjust the temperature too high at once, an hour to warm up about 1 ℃.

  2, reasonable set heating temperature, heating cable electric floor heating control system can adjust the temperature, so more energy efficient, but also more comfortable. Generally, the winter electric floor heating thermostat control temperature between 18-22 degrees is about right. Adjust the temperature as comfortable as air conditioning on it!

  3, the choice of humidifier, high indoor temperature, humidity is not enough, moisture dissipation is fast, the ring Rui recommended the use of humidifier, humidification of the room.

  4, and in the heating process, the ground as far as possible not to lay a large area of carpet, furniture also try to choose legless furniture, in order to increase indoor heat dissipation area and air flow.

  The hotter the heating cable electric floor heating is a great misconception, the majority of users in the use of electric floor heating must read the instructions to ensure that the use of the method is correct, so that not only can extend the life of the electric floor heating system, but also to ensure the comfort of the human body.