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Electric heating cable is a good helper for diesel pipeline insulation and heat tracing

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Update time : 2023-06-26 15:19:34
             Heating tape is used to lay straight or winding in the pipeline on the antifreeze insulation products, because of the easy installation, with good heating effect, many users in the choice of insulation method will choose electric heating tape.

           For example, the production, storage and transportation of biodiesel equipment; biodiesel than ordinary diesel gel point is high, low temperature environment is easy to produce the phenomenon of freezing, so the need for insulation technology processing, the use of electric heat insulation objects are storage tanks, pipelines, measuring instruments and conduits, etc.. Biodiesel in order to reduce the viscosity of the oil, its water content is relatively high, while its heating temperature and storage temperature should not be too high, and has the corresponding corrosive, so taking into account these characteristics, in the time of making the selection of heating tape need to pay attention to, the selected heating temperature with the heat should not be too high, but also has the characteristics of explosion-proof anti-corrosion, these are related to the design of electric heating, for Ordinary users come because they do not have professional technical knowledge, so it is difficult to make the correct choice, so you need to find professional electric heat tracing technical personnel to help solve.

           In the purchase of the accompanying heat tape products when the first need to find professional manufacturers, they have electric heating technicians to help solve the selection and design of related issues, and at the same time in order to facilitate the installation of users, they will also have professional technical personnel to guide the operation of installation and other issues.

             At present, the electric tracing system uses a wide range, like oil field, chemical industry, electric power, fire, hot water and other industrial and civil pipelines can see the use of tracing heat tape. It is also is a good helper of diesel pipeline insulation.