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How is the heating area of heating cable calculated?

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Update time : 2023-06-21 13:06:24
              Usually the area calculation before the installation of heating cable heating system is subject to a certain error, relatively speaking is to provide accurate design drawings before, such as the area given, quotes, etc. is a rough estimate. Then the correct heating cable heating area how to accurately calculate. Here are some answers for you.
             First of all, it should be clear that no matter how the final calculation is done, the basis of the calculation is based on the space that the user needs to heat, i.e. the heating area of the indoor plane except for the walls as the design calculation.

             Secondly, there are different needs for each room. Because of the relatively high cost of using electric floor heating, so can not be installed in the place not installed. For example, under the bookcase, even if installed, there is no point, and some furniture is also more afraid of heat, especially the entire bottom surface of the furniture in full contact with the ground, this floor under the laying of heating cables is of little significance. Of course, if the user must ask to lay, the installation team will also give the user installation after explaining the relevant information clearly. Then such as floating windows, different areas will have different calculations; kitchen if you choose open decoration, will also calculate the kitchen area.

      Third, as mentioned in the previous article, there are times when it is necessary to lay heating cables in such places as cabinets to balance the heat load in the room. However, they are usually not chosen to be laid under furniture that is susceptible to cracking from heat. If you do not balance the heat load in the room, there may be problems such as substandard heating.

           Finally, not laying electric floor heating does not mean that you do not have to consider the impact of that part on heating. Such as closet, clothing, etc., they also absorb heat. So when you encounter such a situation in the design, it will be paved in accordance with the actual paving a little higher than the design heating power, such as reducing the spacing a little. Such as windows, which obviously can not be paved floor heating, if the household type and so on the heating effect on the larger impact, the actual calculation of heating power will also take such cases into account.

  So, the electric floor heating installation area calculation is simply the actual area that needs to be heated. But the installation of the user does not have to be too entangled why here not to lay there but to lay, because the need to consider the balance of indoor heat load to achieve the heating effect.