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Reasons for the need to reserve when installing electric tracing tape

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Update time : 2023-02-20 13:47:01
When installing the electric heat tracing, each section of the electric heat tracing needs to reserve an appropriate margin, and the length of the left electric heat tracing can be wound around the pipeline, and the surrounding margin can be at the front end, the tail end or the middle part of the electric heat tracing. Generally, the actually increased service length of electric heat tracing is connected to the joints of pipelines, such as elbows, valves, flanges, etc. In the actual measurement of pipeline size in electric tracing belt, because some pipelines are not straight, there will be bifurcated pipelines, and the data will not be so accurate when measuring. If the length is not reserved, it will probably lead to insufficient electric tracing tape, which will bring difficulties to installation. Especially for the installation of valves, because the valves are irregular, we usually adopt the winding and superposition installation method. At this time, it is more convenient and simple to leave a reservation for the valve to do heat preservation. When the electric heat tracing belt is installed, it is attached to the pipeline in parallel, and the electric heat tracing belt will expand with the pipeline and contract with the pipeline. However, the coefficients of thermal expansion and contraction of different materials are different, which may lead to the phenomenon that the length of the electric heat tracing belt is less than the length of the pipeline, and it may be broken or can not be attached to the pipeline, and the heat tracing effect cannot be achieved. At this time, if the reserved length of the electric tracing belt is added, this problem is well avoided. In addition, if the electric tracing system needs to be repaired or maintained, if there is a problem in one section, the reserved electric tracing belt will come in handy at this time, otherwise it needs to be purchased again. Therefore, the number of meters reserved when installing the electric tracing belt is not only convenient for installation, but also for the maintenance of the electric tracing belt in the future.