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How to detect whether the electric tracing belt is not hot?

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Update time : 2023-03-01 09:20:46
Electric heat tracing pipeline insulation has become a product of anti-freezing and insulation for pipelines and storage tanks in many industries. However, in the process of transportation and installation, or irregular installation on site may lead to product problems. How to detect if the electric tracing belt is not hot?
We usually use a multimeter to judge whether the electric heating belt is damaged. The multimeter is mainly used to measure the resistance value of the electric tracing belt, and the quality of the electric tracing belt can be judged by the resistance value, and whether it is damaged or not can be judged. The detection of the electric tracing belt by using the multimeter is divided into the following steps:
1. After receiving the electric tracing tape, you need to use a multimeter to check whether the electric tracing tape will be damaged due to transportation;
2. After the installation is completed, conduct electrical tracing and system inspection to ensure that the whole system can work normally before the external insulation construction;
3. After the installation of the external insulation layer is completed, the electric tracing system is tested, which can ensure that the construction of the insulation layer does not damage the electric tracing belt.
In actual measurement, the low voltage is DC500 V and the high voltage is DC1000V V. No matter how long the system is, the insulation resistance is at least 10Mohm for each heat tracing loop. The electric heat trace with that protective braid and the outer sheath are measure between each electric heat trace conductor and the protective braid, and at the same time, between the protective braid and the grounding tube. Electric heat trace without braid and protective sleeve: measure between each power conductor of electric heat trace and grounding pipe or thermal insulation grounding steel sleeve.
The above is a brief introduction of multimeter testing for electric tracing. Everyone has a certain understanding of the normal operation of the electric tracing system. In actual testing, it should be operated by an electrician and have a certain understanding of the circuit to ensure the correct operation of the measurement.