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Electric heating cable is used in liquid epoxy resin pipeline antifreeze and heat preservation

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Update time : 2023-02-10 09:14:57
     In winter, the common thermal insulation products for liquid pipelines are electric heating cables. Electric heating cables have good thermal insulation and heat tracing effects, uniform heating and easy installation, which are recognized by everyone. The application area of the electric heating cable is relatively wide. It can not only be used for the insulation of domestic tap water pipes, but also can be used for the insulation of pipelines in the fields of industrial petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, fire protection and construction. It is a widely used thermal insulation and heat tracing product. .
      The liquid resin in the pipeline, when the temperature is lower than the freezing point, will condense in the pipeline, forming a pipeline blockage and unable to transfer. For example, thermosetting epoxy resin has no melting point after curing, that is, the softening temperature. According to its functional characteristics, it is heated to generate a decomposition temperature, and the result is a softening process that does not cause physical changes again. This requires continuous heating of the resin during pipeline transport to keep it in a liquid state. The self-limiting temperature medium temperature series electric heating belt can do it, and the same can be done by the constant power electric heating belt.
      Electric heating cables are widely used in the antifreeze and heat preservation of liquid pipelines, which can maintain the temperature of the pipeline and the medium in the pipeline for a long time without manual operation, and only need to do normal protection. The electric heating belt has the advantages of uniform heating that traditional heating cannot have, and convenient installation. When installing, you only need to attach the electric heating belt to the surface of the pipe, and use accessories to bind and fix it. It can also be combined with thermal insulation cotton to increase the heating effect to form a complete set of insulation Heat tracing system, easy to install and easy to use.