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The role of electric heating cable in heat preservation and heat tracing of honey pipeline

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Update time : 2022-11-25 14:46:45
     Honey is a viscous, dark-brown, semi-fluid substance that contains mainly a large amount of fermentable sugars and is therefore a good raw material for fermentation. In a low temperature environment, the viscosity increases and the transportation difficulty increases. In order to make the molasses transport normally in a low temperature environment, it is necessary to use a self-limiting temperature heating cable for antifreeze and heat preservation.
    The self-limiting temperature heating cable used in the honey pipeline is composed of nano-conductive carbon particles and two parallel busbars plus an insulating layer, a shielding layer and an outer sheath. This electric heating cable can be cut into any length on site, and its usable length is 100 meters. The heating cable can be connected by two-way or three-way junction box when connecting.
    It is faster to install the electric heating cable of honey pipe by laying straight or winding, because the heating cable is softer and can be overlapped and wound. For the insulation of the molasses pipeline, the tile installation method is directly adopted, and in some special cases, the winding installation is adopted, which solves the problem of molasses flow. The heating cable has uniform heating, stable temperature, convenient installation, simple maintenance, and tensile properties. Strong and long service life.
The honey pipe electric heating cable uses the method of converting electric energy into heat energy to prevent freezing and heat preservation of the pipeline. The heating cable is more stable than the traditional steam heating. The self-limiting temperature electric heating cable also has the function of self-regulation, the power is mainly controlled by the heat transfer process, and the output power is automatically adjusted with the temperature of the heated system. Electric heating cables are recognized by users because of their advantages such as uniform heating, convenient installation, and long service life, and are widely used.