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Electric heating cable is used for antifreeze and heat preservation of condensate recovery device

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Update time : 2022-02-25 09:51:03
    The condensed water recovery device is widely used in the closed recovery of condensed water with steam heating system in industrial enterprises in papermaking, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, grain and oil processing, rubber, cotton spinning, printing and dyeing, wood industry and other industries. will produce higher temperatures. However, during the flashing process, a large heat loss will be formed.In order to ensure a high heat conversion and recovery rate, in cold weather conditions, the freezing of condensed water will prevent it from being recovered. Therefore, the device is heat traced to compensate for its heat loss and play the role of antifreeze and heat preservation.
     At present, electric heating cables can be used for the antifreeze and heat preservation of condensate water recovery devices. According to the temperature requirements of the condensate recovery device, accurate temperature control is not required, only antifreeze is required. Therefore, when choosing an electric heating cable, the self-limiting electric heating cable can be considered, which can automatically limit the heating temperature and automatically adjust the output power according to the temperature of the heating body to compensate for the heat loss of the condensate water recovery device.
     Self-limiting temperature electric tracing cable is an ideal heat tracing method for condensate recovery device. It has the advantages of convenient installation and maintenance, simple operation, energy saving and environmental protection, etc., which reduces the maintenance difficulty of condensate recovery device in winter and does not affect its own device. It works normally and can be used with confidence.