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Application of heating cable in the field of plant cultivation

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Update time : 2022-02-11 14:30:59
      In the field of plant cultivation, it is necessary to ensure a good ambient temperature in order to facilitate the growth of plants, and even promote the growth rate of plants and shorten the growth cycle of plants. Under normal circumstances, the growth of plants such as flowers and trees needs to be cultivated in glass or greenhouses.
       However, when the climate is relatively cold in winter, it is not suitable for plant growth, and the temperature in the greenhouse cannot meet the requirements of flower cultivation. For this reason, antifreeze and heat preservation measures for heating cables can be taken to promote the normal growth of plants.
       The heating cable insulation system used in the field of plant cultivation is to convert electrical energy into heat energy, and the output thermal energy during operation compensates for the heat loss of the plant cultivation site, so as to achieve the purpose of antifreeze and heat preservation. Only need to bury the heating cable in the soil as needed, and then wrap it with aluminum foil and pressure-sensitive tape after connecting to the power supply, and it can work, or it can be covered on the soil surface. After the installation is completed, it is better to lay a layer of insulation layer on the soil surface.
       Heating cable is a branch series of constant power electric heating cable. It belongs to series constant power, heating cable heating system. It is not limited by environmental conditions and can be used in any place with heating demand. At present, heating cables have been widely used in indoor electric heating. , soil heating, melting snow and ice, animal husbandry, tunnel fire protection, etc.