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Heating cables are used for home heating comfort and health

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Update time : 2021-12-31 09:30:59
       Heating cables use the principle of electric heat conversion to heat buildings, and are widely used, such as: hotel heating, livestock breeding heating, school indoor heating, apartment heating, and so on. Among them, domestic indoor heating is more common.
       The heating cable is laid under various floor materials, tiles, marbles and other ground materials, and then equipped with a smart thermostat system to form a comfortable and healthy, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, maintenance-free, separate control of each room, long service life, concealed Floor heating system.
       After the heating cable is energized, the working temperature of the conductor is controlled at 40 degrees-70 degrees, and the ground (10 degrees-35 degrees) is used as the heat dissipation surface, and the radiation is transmitted to the ground above the ground to increase the surface temperature. The purpose of increasing and maintaining room temperature.
       The heating cable heating system mainly relies on far-infrared radiation to transfer heat. Radiant heat is the most comfortable heat transfer method for the human body. It gives people a warm feeling like the sun. There is no air flow and no feeling of heat. People can set according to their own needs. The indoor temperature that is most suitable for you is not affected by the outdoor temperature, and is not restricted by the season. The indoor always keeps the feeling of warmth like spring.
       The heating cable heating poet feels warm feet and coolness, which fully meets the physiological needs of the human body. As a scientific heating method, heating cable heating makes the ground warmer, which is especially beneficial to the health of the elderly and children. At the same time, the heating cable shielding blocks harmful electromagnetic radiation, and there is no harm to the human body, which also makes the heating cable a real green environmental protection product.