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Is it safe to use electric heating cables for pipe insulation?

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Update time : 2021-12-03 11:19:53
       The use of electric heating cables for pipe insulation has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, long thermal stability time, energy saving and environmental protection, simple design, convenient construction and installation, and long service life. It has been widely used in various industries, but electric heating cables use electric energy. Users will worry about safety issues, whether there will be leakage, etc., let me introduce to you below.
       Electric heating cables are converted into heat through electrical energy to maintain a certain temperature. Is it safe? Will it leak electricity? The electric tracing cable is composed of a copper core wire, a conductive plastic layer, an insulating layer, a shielding layer and a fluoroplastic anti-corrosion layer, which plays the role of insulation, corrosion resistance and antifreeze. The production of electric heating cables is strict, and all steps are produced according to relevant standards. Under normal circumstances, electric heating cables will not leak electricity.
       If the electric heating cable leaks, first check whether the electric heating cable is damaged, or whether the electric heating cable accessories are wet or not. Electric heating cables are belt-shaped products. Avoid pulling, stepping or dragging during installation, and ensure that all burrs on the pipe surface are cleaned so that there will be almost no leakage problems in the electric heating cables.
       When installing the electric heating cable, avoid installing it in a humid environment. Do not install it on rainy days. Although the electric heating cable is waterproof, it cannot be used in places with water for a long time. It needs to be installed on a dry and sunny day to ensure that the electric heating cable is normal. run. Therefore, as long as the electric heating cable is installed in a standardized manner and used correctly, there will be basically no safety problems.