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How to avoid high temperature burns from electric heating cables?

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Update time : 2023-10-20 15:16:49
               Electric heating cable is a special liquid pipeline thermal insulation in winter anti-freezing accompanied by heat products, it can help the freezing of the liquid melting, play the role of anti-freezing heat preservation, because the electric heat tracing cable for the use of electric energy products is very convenient, only need to energise the heat can be thermal insulation anti-freezing treatment, and electric trace  heating cable volume is small, very convenient in the installation, directly heat trace cable winding or laying the surface of the pipeline can be reached to the effect of heat preservation, and thus by the user's favourite.

                 Although the electric floor heating cables advantage much, the usefulness big, but in the use still has some precautions, especially avoids the high temperature burns the danger, the most important is does not contact with the high temperature object, forbids the high temperature weld slag to splash down in the electric pipe heating cable urface, if is accompanies the hot pipeline and the equipment process operation needs to use the high pressure steam to flush the situation, may in the electric resistive heating cable installation before the pipe and the sweeping, then installs again! Electric trace heating cable, so as to avoid high temperature burns with body.

                 When the electric wire heating cable for the high temperature, the high pressure medium instrument tube accompanies the heat, in rinses the pipeline when the instrument tube surface temperature will rise sharply, will exceed the electric heat tracing cable to bear the temperature, is easy to cause the manufacture heating cable to scald. So in order to prevent the surface temperature of the electric heat tracing cable in the installation time is too high, usually will instrument tube surface package a thin layer of thermal insulation material, so that the instrument tube and the electric underfloor heating cable to separate.

              Installation of electric heat tracing cable can also let it and the instrument tube surface to maintain a certain distance, to avoid punching the electric trace heat cable and high temperature direct contact. There is also is high temperature and high pressure steam rushing to clean the dirty pipeline, then can be used to add heat insulation layer isolation and use high temperature resistant fixed clip to make the belt body and pipeline separated by a certain distance, but with these two measures, for the electric floor heating cable for this kind of pipeline heat accompanying situation, the process operators also want to try to shorten the rushing pipe discharge time, as a measure of protection.