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What is the reason for tinning the copper core conductor of an electrical heating cable?

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Update time : 2023-10-17 08:45:55
                  With the growing development of the electric heating tape cable, electric heating trace cable products are also more and more popular, in the industrial pipeline and civil life pipeline can be seen on the use of electric heat tracing cable products, easy to install, clean and environmentally friendly, easy to control, has begun to gradually replace the traditional accompanied by heat preservation way.

                       Better trace heating cable manufacturers of electric underfloor heating cable products in the core with the busbar, that is, PTC wire, generally used are copper core wire, we know that copper in the humid environment and the air will be oxidised to produce alkaline copper carbonate, we often called copper green, and oxygen reaction of copper oxide will become black brown, oxidised copper conductor will affect the service life of the electric pipe heating cable and conductive properties.

                       So it will give the electric wire heating cable copper core conductor surface tin plating, mainly to prevent the copper wire oxidation, affect the use of the accompanying tropical. In some special areas of the use of electric heat tracing cable, will also be in the copper conductor surface silver-plated, so as to prevent its oxidation, at the same time the conductivity is also very good, but, silver-plated electric manufacture heating cable cost is high, easy to brittle, as long as in the case of special requirements will be the use of silver-plated electric factory supply heating cable.

                      The electric heat cable tape to have the safety and reliability, the green environmental protection, the service life is long and so on the advantage. At present, the self-limiting temperature electric heat tape has covered the industrial occasion pipeline antifreeze field of large density, become the user most respected and favourite one of the accompanying heating cable products.