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Constant wattage power electric heating cable in the field of industrial silicon smelting applications

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Update time : 2023-10-13 13:23:41
                  In the field of industrial silicon (also called "silicon metal") refining, the flue gas waste heat is used to generate electricity. The electric heating cable factory application on the generator set, and some other power plants are basically similar to the use of the situation, are used as heat compensation or anti-freezing heat preservation. So in the electric trace heat programme design, model selection, construction operation can be in accordance with the electric trace heat technology manual to implement.


                   Industrial silicon refining on the energy consumption is relatively large, in order to actively respond to the national call, and strive to build a conservation-oriented society, to protect our living environment. In the production of refining to actively explore energy-saving potential, the use of electric furnace flue gas waste heat for power generation. Not only for the enterprise energy saving and consumption, but also make the resources to achieve a rational use of resources, to strengthen the purpose of environmental protection.

                The production of industrial silicon is generally carried out in semi-closed refineries, which utilise the waste heat of the flue gases generated by the electric furnaces for power generation. In the operation process of the unit for power generation, it will happen that the heat dissipates too fast, causing the waste heat not to be fully utilised. In this case, we can use the electric accompanying heat tape to carry on the heat compensation for it, keep the heat in the running process not to be lost. Usually, the place where the generator set needs to do the electric accompanying heat has the boiler feed water, the return water and the steam pipeline, causes them in the production to avoid the freezing blockage, the dispersal temperature fast and so on the phenomenon. Due to the setup of the unit and the distance between the pipes, the length of using single circuit is generally more than 150 metres. Therefore, it is recommended to use constant power electric heating cable.

               Constant power electric accompanies the tropical has the service life long, the heat efficiency is high, the security is good, no electromagnetic pollution, more energy-saving environmental protection and so on the advantage, the variety, can according to the different occasions customised production, satisfies the customer each kind of industrial pipeline heat preservation demand. Especially suitable for petroleum, chemical, electric power, dock and other industries of long-distance pipeline and other equipment insulation accompanied by heat. Need to pay attention to the constant power electric accompanied by the heat tape can not cross winding, if spiral winding should have at least 10mm above the gap, so as not to cross winding at the overheating, affect the normal service life of the accompanying heat tape.