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High and Low Pressure Coal Slurry Pump to How to Use China Electric Heating Trace Cable

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Update time : 2023-09-27 13:45:16
                   Winter weather cold high and low pressure coal slurry pipeline will appear condensation curing phenomenon, especially high and low pressure coal slurry pump. In order to prevent the inner wall of coal slurry local hardening, must use the accompanying heat measures, for this situation we recommend the use of self rfegulating temperature electric heat cable preservation system.

                   High and low pressure coal slurry pump used electric heating tracing cable is pipeline special anti-freezing accompanied by heat products, its dimension to maintain and not rely on the thermostat to control, it can be straight perception temperature curve, automatic accompanied by heat between 0-65 ℃, according to accompanied by heat body heat loss and the temperature of the external environment to improve the temperature of the pipeline inside. Its installation is relatively simple, only need to electrify the connection, spiral or winding way laid in the pipeline outer wall, through the heat transfer will be the center of the heat transfer, and finally achieve the effect of accompanying heat.

                    High and low pressure coal slurry pump electric heat trace cable  temperature of each section can be according to the environment and the situation of the outer insulation, the power changes, at the same time and because of its temperature has its larger upper limit, there will be the phenomenon that the higher the temperature is, the lower the power is. These can ensure the uniformity of its accompanying heat temperature, there will be no local overheating phenomenon, so there will be no high temperature or the phenomenon of a section of the pipeline blocking.

                 High and low pressure coal slurry pump electric manufacture heating cable to transform the electric energy into the heat energy, through the direct or indirect heat exchange, supplements to be accompanies the heat equipment through the heat preservation material loss of heat, and uses the temperature control, arrives at the tracking and the control accompanies the heat equipment inside the medium's temperature, causes it to maintain in a reasonable and the economy the degree.


                  High and low pressure coal slurry pump electric heat tape cable has the advantages of safety and reliability, green environmental protection, long service life and so on. At present, the self-limiting temperature electric pipe heating cable has covered the industrial occasion pipeline anti-freezing field in large density, become the user most respected and favorite one of the accompanying heat products.