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Electric accompanied by the tropical belt system applied to the bubble noodle production line

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Update time : 2023-09-25 09:11:30
                       Instant noodles is a very convenient instant food, generally respected by the majority of the young generation, instant noodles in the production process production of seasoning packets are generally liquid state, and liquid anti-freezing is the whole production line of instant noodles to pay attention to matters. Liquid freezing point is usually below zero, when the winter temperature is below zero when the seasoning packet production line will freeze, at this time using electric heat tape is the most suitable choice.

                        Instant noodle production line electric heat cable strip to transform the electric energy into the heat energy, after directly or indirectly the heat exchange, supplements to be accompanies the heat equipment to pass through the heat preservation material to lose the heat, and adopts the temperature control, arrives at the tracking and the control heat tracing cable inside the medium's temperature, causes it to maintain in a reasonable and the economy the degree.

                           Instant noodle production line electric heat trace cable band by the conductive polymer and two parallel metal wires and the insulating sheath composition. Can automatically adjust the output power with the temperature change of the heated system, automatically limit the temperature of the heating, and can be cut according to the site environment, safety and environmental protection. The heating cable tape is a kind of heat output power by automatically adjusting the cable so as to achieve with the heated object of each local temperature match, has the double function of heating and heat preservation and automatic temperature control. Because it can change with the ambient temperature, segmented automatic adjustment of its heating power, so that the heated object temperature is constant in a range and uniform distribution.

                       Nowadays, the electric heating cable products are widely used in pipeline antifreeze, instrument antifreeze, process maintenance temperature, process accompanying heat, tank accompanying heat and heating and other application fields, for all walks of life customers to solve all kinds of pipeline antifreeze and process maintenance temperature of the many difficult problems, by the industry customers consistent high praise.