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Application of self-regulating heating cable in production and storage of red wine

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Update time : 2022-12-09 10:24:51
     Red wine is a fruit wine fermented by grapes, blueberries and other fruits through a combination of traditional and scientific methods. Red wine is typically grape wine and blueberry wine, and there are many ways to classify wine. In terms of finished product color, it can be divided into three categories: red wine, white wine and pink wine.
     Red wine is a liquid alcohol product, and it needs to be kept warm in winter. There will be no problems in storing it at room temperature. However, once the temperature is too low in winter, it will bring troubles to the production and storage of red wine. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt an electric heating insulation solution Carry out antifreeze insulation. The advantages of electric heat tracing are small size, high heat tracing efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, etc., and it is recognized by people because of its small size and easy installation. As an effective pipe insulation and antifreeze solution, electric heat tracing has been widely used. Electric heat tracing can release heat evenly over a large area along the length of the wine pipe pipeline, which is different from electric heat tracing where heat load is highly concentrated at one point or small area.
     Electric heating is to use the energy of electric heating to supplement the heat lost by the heating body in the process, so as to maintain the most reasonable process temperature of the flowing medium. It is a high-tech product. It is recommended to use it for the antifreeze and heat preservation of red wine pipelines The self-regulating heating cable is carried out. The self-regulating heating can be cut and lengthened at will according to the requirements of the site environment. It can also be used on complex pipelines for superimposed winding installation, which is very convenient and safe. When the red wine production pipeline or storage pipeline adopts electric heating for heat preservation and antifreeze, the taste will be more pure, and the trouble of crystallization caused by too low temperature will be avoided, which is convenient and safe.
      The self-regulating heating cable has the characteristics of uniform heating, safety and reliability, energy saving and environmental protection, wide application, and long service life. As long as the tailings pipeline uses the heating cable for antifreeze and heat preservation, there is no need to worry about freezing blockage. As a product that can accurately adjust the temperature and has a good heat preservation effect, the heating cable is more and more popular among users.