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Anhui Youyu Attends the 2023 Kazakhstan Exhibition

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Update time : 2023-09-13 10:42:01

                      The 2023 Kazakhstan HVAC Exhibition was held in Kazakhstan from September 6 to September 8, 2023. As a leader in the industry, You Yu was invited to participate in this exhibition.

                      At the meeting, Anhui Youyu interacted and communicated with customers through centralized distribution of promotional materials, on-site explanations, and other means, attracting many eyeballs. At the same time, the company exhibited multiple electric heating series products at the exhibition site. Due to the exquisite production process and excellent quality, the exhibition attracted great interest from old and many new customers. New and old customers came to learn and visit, and expressed their recognition, high evaluation, and sincere desire for cooperation with the core products displayed on site.


                     This exhibition once again proves the quality and charm of Youyu's new generation electric heating products. Therefore, the company will continue to increase its research and development efforts, striving to develop more refined and superior electric heating series products.

                  Anhui Youyu Electric Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. is an innovative and technological enterprise that is moving towards diversified and international development. For many years, Youyu has been committed to promoting the integration of China's electric heating industry with international standards, focusing on research and development, continuous improvement, and independently mastering the core technology of self limiting and constant power series products. At the same time, Youyu provides professional solutions for pipeline and equipment temperature maintenance and antifreeze electric heating systems in industrial and civil fields, Electric heating system solution, completing a one-stop service from project design, production, sales to construction, and achieving EPC general contracting. With excellent quality, honest management, professional service, and advanced management, we stand out from numerous manufacturers of electric heating production and are at the forefront of the electric heating industry!

                     The company's products cover two series of products, self-limiting temperature and constant power, and supporting accessories, control boxes, etc., mainly including: self-limiting temperature electric heating cable, constant power electric heating cable, MI armored heating cable, metal alloy heating cable, silicon rubber Heating cables, snow melting and ice melting cables, snow melting and ice melting heating mats, step snow melting mats, snow melting mats, grid heating mats, aluminum foil heating mats, environmentally friendly anticorrosive sampling heating composite pipes, electric heating insulation blankets, electric heating towel racks Wait. Products are widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas, chemical, electric power, fire fighting, building electric heating, ships, machinery, medicine, food, solar energy, aquaculture, geothermal cultivation and many other fields.