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How to install and use the electric tracing correctly?

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Update time : 2023-02-20 13:41:36
The characteristics of electric tracing belt are convenient installation, uniform temperature, safety, environmental protection and long service life. However, the user's service life is easily affected by the hidden dangers during installation and construction of the electric tracing belt or improper operation during use. Therefore, the following problems should be paid attention to during installation and use of the electric tracing belt:
1. There should be no dragging, dragging and trampling during installation to prevent the electric tracing belt from being damaged;
2. The winding spacing and mode of the constant power electric tracing belt need to be calculated. If there is cross winding or the spacing is too dense, it will cause overheating at the overlapping winding;
3. After the electric tracing belt is installed, it is necessary to install a waterproof external insulation layer to ensure that the electric tracing belt works in a dry environment;
4. The electric tracing belt should be avoided to be turned on and off frequently. If it is started frequently, its overall performance will be affected, which will accelerate the aging of the electric tracing system for a long time;
5. Stable power resources are needed to maintain voltage stability.
6. It is necessary to overhaul the electric heat tracing system regularly, and focus on the parts that are easy to be damaged, such as the elbow of the electric heat tracing belt, the sewage outlet of the tank, the joint between the upper and lower tanks, the liquid level gauge, the flange, the inlet and outlet of the valve and instrument box, etc.