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Heating cables are used for heating of pig farms in winter

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Update time : 2022-08-26 09:11:07
     In winter, due to the drop in temperature, the growth performance of livestock and poultry decreases, the ratio of feed to weight increases, and it is easy to catch cold, diarrhea, cough, etc., which seriously affects the economic benefits of the farm. Therefore, the heating and insulation of the livestock house must be done well in winter. Work. In the case of no heating, the temperature in the pig house in winter in most parts of our country cannot reach the suitable temperature required for the growth of pigs. Even in the southern region, the temperature in the farrowing house can not reach the required 30-32 Therefore, heating equipment must be provided for the pig house to supplement a certain amount of heat so that the house temperature can reach the required temperature.
The heating of the pig house can use the snow melting heating cable. The heating cable can be installed in the pig bed farrowing house and the lower part of the nursery house, and it can be used after connecting the 220V power supply and the thermostat. A thermostat provides a variety of reasonable and effective temperature control settings according to the actual breeding needs of customers (each pig house can be controlled by a separate switch).
Heating cables are now widely used in pig insulation, poultry insulation, fish insulation, scorpion insulation and many other breeding fields, helping the majority of breeding enterprises and personnel engaged in breeding work to reduce the cost of breeding insulation, improve economic benefits, and reduce users. heating costs, energy saving and environmental protection.