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Reasons and solutions for the heating of the electric heating cable

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Update time : 2021-11-12 16:37:05
Electric heating cables have been widely used in heating, heat preservation and heating of pipelines, equipment and containers. Electric heating cables must be produced and tested according to national standards before they can leave the factory. If there is no heat generation after the project installation is completed, there may be the following reasons:
        1. Check if there is electricity
        2. Whether the air switch is tripped, the reason is that the capacity of the air switch is too small to carry the current of the electric heating belt;
        3. Low working voltage;
        4. If the tail end is not properly processed, the two wires at the end of the electric tracing cable must be separated, and the end junction box must be sealed with 704 sealant to prevent short circuit caused by water ingress;
        5. The shielding net of the electric tracing cable should be set back 10cm from the inner insulating layer to prevent the shielding layer and the conductive PTC layer from being short-circuited, resulting in a short circuit, causing the electric tracing cable to cut off;
        6. Use a DC500V direct current meter to test the insulation resistance between the shielding layer and the conductive core. Generally, the insulation resistance per 100 meters is greater than 200MΩ. If it is less than the above value, please check whether the electric heating cable is damaged;