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Easily solve the freezing of fire pipes and electric heating cables

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Update time : 2021-05-24 17:08:11
          Fire-fighting pipelines are very important both in daily life and industrial production, but the medium in the fire-fighting pipelines will freeze in the case of low temperatures in winter, which will cause the fire-fighting facilities to not be used normally and bring people’s production and life. Security risks. Insulation facilities need to be installed to ensure the temperature inside the fire-fighting pipeline, so that the medium in the pipeline can flow normally, and electric heating cable insulation can easily solve the problem of freezing of the fire-fighting pipeline.

          The use of electric heating cables on fire pipes does not require high temperature, so choosing low-temperature self-limiting electric heating cables can meet its requirements. According to the pipe diameter and length, calculate the amount and install the electric heating cables close to the outer wall of the pipe. can. Compared with other types of electric heating cables, the self-limiting temperature electric heating cable is more convenient to install. It can be cut and overlapped at will, and the pipes will not overheat. It can also automatically control the temperature without an additional temperature controller.
        When choosing an electric heating cable, you need to calculate the amount according to the pipe diameter and length, and install the electric heating cable close to the outer wall of the pipe. It should be noted that the installation of the electric heating cable must be strictly in accordance with the requirements and specifications, and it cannot be installed at will, otherwise the electric heating system may fail due to improper operation in the later period or the temperature may not meet the requirements.
        There are more and more applications of self-limiting temperature electric heating cables, such as heat tracing and insulation of pipelines, pumps, valves, tanks and tank volumes in petroleum, chemical, electric power, steel, medicine, machinery, food and other industries. Anti-freeze and anti-coagulation can be used, especially suitable for irregular and complex pipelines