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Advantages of using self-limiting temperature electric heating cable

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Update time : 2021-05-06 10:19:39
The self-limiting temperature electric heating cable is a temperature-controlled constant-temperature electric heating cable, suitable for short-distance pipeline heating, and has a wide range of applications in petroleum, chemical, electric power, construction and other fields. The self-limiting temperature electric heating cable is composed of polymer conductive carbon particles and two parallel bus bars with an insulating layer. The resistivity of the PTC heating element has a high positive temperature coefficient, and they are connected in parallel. So what advantages does the electric heating cable of this structure have?

1. Temperature automatic control: automatically control the heating temperature, which can be quickly started in a short time. When the temperature of the accompanied pipeline gradually rises, the power of the entire system will gradually decrease, avoiding the temperature overheating of the accompanied pipeline, and saving Energy, reducing operating costs.
2. Uniform temperature: Since the self-limiting temperature electric heating cable is a flat belt, it can be close to the surface of the pipe during installation, and the heat transfer is more even when it is electrified to generate heat.
3. Cut at will: You can cut to the desired length at will or use it in a certain range. This feature avoids the problem that the end is not hot due to cutting.
4. Cross-wound: It can be used in cross-overlap. This advantage is very suitable for small and complicated pipelines or equipment. It solves the problem that constant power electric heating cable and MI armored heating cable cannot be superimposed.
5. Simple maintenance: simple installation and maintenance, wide application range, attenuation