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Heating cable electric floor heating system for the cause of environmental protection to add another brick and mortar

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Update time : 2023-10-27 13:21:36
               The concept of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in people's hearts, buy a house to buy green buildings, buy things will consider whether energy saving and environmental protection. In recent years, the great transformation of China's energy structure, solar  energy, wind energy and other new energy sources to promote, heating cable electric floor heating is bound to become the future development of the heating industry.

                   Traditional heating methods, most of the northern rural areas use kang, coal furnace to heat, the city uses centralized heating, although the heating methods are different, but are the use of coal-fired heating, which will cause atmospheric pollution, and increased dust pollution, increasing the chances of respiratory infections, further expanding the haze phenomenon. And it is not safe, easy to cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Although there is also the use of air conditioning to heating, but these can not give customers a sense of comfort, easy to cause a heavy head, the body is very hot but cold feet, long time may also suffer from air conditioning disease.

              Heating cable electric floor heating using solar energy, wind energy and other renewable energy supply, from the source to solve the problem of pollution-free gas emissions, does not cause environmental pollution, heating cable electric floor heating instead of traditional heating can improve the quality of the city's green ecological environment; to overcome the many shortcomings of the traditional heating to improve the heating comfort of the residents. Solar and wind energy are renewable energy, can be used for a long time, and the use of solar and wind energy are environmentally friendly and energy-saving, pollution will not occur, which is the heating cable electric heating system to cut power consumption of a breakthrough point.

         Heat cable electric floor heating heating system has a thermal conversion rate of up to 95%, high utilization rate, can greatly reduce the conversion and transfer process of energy loss. In order to save energy, heating cable electric floor heating can fully utilize solar power, wind power and other electric energy heating. Electric floor heating has a temperature control system, which can control the room temperature in different rooms and at different times, which is more energy-saving than other ways. Replacing traditional heating methods with electric floor heating can improve the quality of green ecological environment in the city.

                  Times are changing with the times, the user's experience of the product and requirements are also changing, the electric floor heating industry enterprises to do is, more successful cases, so that more people recognize the electric floor heating, feel the effect of the electric floor heating, so that the market test the product, in the transformation of the energy structure under the impetus of the electric floor heating industry tomorrow will be better!