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Hydrochloric acid pipeline insulation and heat tracing can choose self limiting electric tracing tap

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Update time : 2023-05-30 08:52:24

Hydrochloric acid, also known as hydrogen chloride, is a colorless and transparent liquid with a strong pungent odor, high corrosiveness, and strong volatility. Therefore, when a container containing concentrated hydrochloric acid is opened, the hydrogen chloride gas will evaporate and combine with water vapor in the air to produce small droplets of hydrochloric acid, causing acid mist to appear above the bottle mouth. When winter comes, it is easy to condense, so it is recommended to use an electric heat tracing system for the antifreeze insulation of hydrochloric acid pipelines.

The use of self limiting temperature electric tracing tape for hydrochloric acid pipeline electric tracing tape is sufficient. It has the characteristics of easy installation, small design workload, simple construction, short cycle, convenient maintenance, and low daily maintenance workload. The hydrochloric acid pipeline electric heating strip can automatically limit the temperature during heating and adjust the output power automatically with the temperature of the heated body without any additional equipment; It can be arbitrarily shortened or extended within a certain length range for use.

The self limiting temperature electric heating strip can solve the problem of antifreeze in hydrochloric acid pipelines and also solve the problem of corrosion prevention in hydrochloric acid. When encountering complex pipelines, the self limiting temperature electric heating strip can be cut off or extended for use, without uneven heat tracing or other heat tracing problems. If encountering special or complex pipelines, a cross overlapping installation method can be directly adopted, which is conducive to the installation of the electric heating band and will not cause overheating or high-temperature burning.

The hydrochloric acid pipeline electric tracing tape is a type of cable that automatically adjusts the thermal output power to match the local temperature of the heated object, and has dual functions of heating insulation and automatic temperature control. Due to its ability to automatically adjust its heating power in segments with changes in environmental temperature, the temperature of the heated object remains constant within a certain range and evenly distributed. The use of electric heating strips in hydrochloric acid pipelines has successfully solved the problem of winter solidification. Nowadays, electric heat tracing products are widely used in application fields such as pipeline antifreeze, instrument antifreeze, process temperature maintenance, process heat tracing, tank body heat tracing, and heating, solving many problems of pipeline antifreeze and process temperature maintenance for customers in various industries, and receiving unanimous praise from industry customers.