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Choose explosion-proof and anti-corrosion electric heating belt for the insulation of dangerous goods liquid pipeline

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Update time : 2023-02-02 09:19:33
     Most of the chemical industry areas are in flammable and explosive areas. The media in chemical pipelines or tanks, such as benzene, concentrated alkali, sulfuric acid, chlorinated paraffin, etc., are mostly unsuitable media. Therefore, the conditions required for the antifreeze and heat preservation of the pipeline medium in the chemical industry area are more stringent, and the performance requirements for heat tracing products have been raised to a higher level.
      If traditional steam tracing is used, the temperature of steam tracing is too high, which may be much higher than the temperature of the medium, causing the temperature of the heating medium to overheat. Moreover, due to the serious corrosiveness of chemical media, the use of steam heat tracing can easily cause partial corrosion of pipes or tanks, seriously affecting normal production. Compared with steam heat tracing, a better choice is the electric heating belt insulation system. So what type of electric heating belt is the most suitable to choose? For the flammable and explosive characteristics of unsuitable media, first of all, it is necessary to give priority to the selection of electric heating cables with flame-proof, explosion-proof, and anti-corrosion properties.
      The self-limiting temperature explosion-proof reinforced heating cable can be cut at will and installed crosswise. Generally, the installation of the pipeline electric heating cable chooses the winding method instead of the tiled method, so that the electric heating cable will overlap, but it is a self-limiting temperature heating cable, so There will be no phenomenon of excessive temperature.
      Electric heating cables have the advantages of safety and convenience, energy saving and trouble-saving, wide application and convenient installation, etc., and are well used in all walks of life. The electric heating cable uses advanced science and technology and methods to make the electric heating insulation method safer, more economical and more reliable, and is deeply loved by users.