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The replacement cycle of the electric heating cable tape is how long

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Update time : 2024-04-09 13:36:16
                  The electric heating cable tape for the strip heating body, its own service life is generally 5-12 years, including self regulating temperature heating cable tape and the constant power heating cable tape two kinds, these two kinds of heating cable tape because of the material and the temperature of the different service life is also different. The electric pipe heating trace cable tape is utilizes the electric accompanies the heat equipment to transform the electric energy into the heat energy, through the direct or indirect heat exchange, supplements is accompanies the heat equipment through the heat preservation material to lose the heat, and uses the temperature control, achieves the tracking and the control accompanies the heat equipment inside the medium the temperature, causes it to maintain in a reasonable and the economy level.

               When the electricity heating trace cable tape in the installation after the use, first of all is needs to carry on the daily maintenance processing, its maintenance program is to check heat tracing cable tape, accompanies the heat tape fittings and the heat preservation material to have no damage, so as to guarantee its service life. Generally speaking, the electric heat tracing cable system does not exist the replacement cycle, when it needs to be replaced, it is necessary to test the resistance resistance value through the multimeter whether it is normal or not, if there is a decrease or an increase in the need for replacement.

                    Detect resistance resistance value in the coming year when ready to use, so that can avoid danger in the process of use. The heating tape is by the conductive polymer composite material (plastic) and two parallel metal wires and insulation sheath composition of the flat ribbon cable. Its characteristics are conductive polymer composite materials with positive temperature coefficient "PTC" characteristics, and parallel connection, can be heated with the temperature change of the system to automatically adjust the output power, automatic limitation of the heating temperature.

               Users do not need to care too much about the replacement cycle of the heat tracing tape, only need to be measured in the early start-up, if found that the resistance value of the resistance deviation, then you can replace the electric heat tracing system.