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Shandong Linyi HVAC Exhibition was a complete success

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Update time : 2021-03-20 13:53:14
Recently, Shandong Linyi Solar Water Purifier HVAC Sanitary Ware Expo, Youyu Electric Heating was invited to participate in the exhibition. During the three-day exhibition, Youyu's carefully arranged booth attracted the attention of many customers. Our staff communicated with customers with full enthusiasm and patience, and answered their questions. After customers have a certain understanding of the product, they all showed a strong intention of cooperation.
As a leader in building China's electric heat tracing, Anhui Youyu is a technology-based enterprise integrating R&D and production, providing overall solutions and sales. It has domestic advanced core technology and first-class product control and management system, and is good at serving customers Provide customized products under special working conditions, take customer experience as the core, solve various problems encountered by customers, and have established long-term cooperative relationships with many large enterprises at home and abroad.

Shandong Linyi HVAC Exhibition was a complete success
The company’s main products include self-regulating heating cable, constant wattage heating cable, single & double conductor heating cable, underfloor heating mat, mineral insulated heating cable, control boxes and other products, which have been widely used in PetroChina, Sinopec, natural gas, Chemical, electric power, steel, shipbuilding, metallurgy, machinery, papermaking, refrigeration, construction, fire protection, medicine, food, beverages, solar energy, electric heating, breeding, geothermal cultivation and many other fields.
Through this exhibition, the competitiveness of Youyu products has been fully demonstrated. With the joint efforts of everyone, Youyu Electric will provide customers with complete electric heating solutions with more mature and professional technologies.