YouYu Electric Heating

110/220V 150W/M2 Indoor Underfloor Electric Heating Mat

Item No.: YY-FMAT-150W
Application: Indoor Underfloor Heating
Insulation Material: FEP
Conductor Material: Nickel Alloy Wire
Jacket: PVC
Underfloor Heating Mat is a good heating system. It is easy to install for a variety of floor coverings, whether concrete, wood or old tile or terrazzo. It is installed with tile adhesive and has almost no effect on the ground elevation. Heating mat can also be laid directly on the original ground without the need for other treatment of the original ground. In addition, the thin,pre-heated layer gives you the desired floor temperature in 20-30 minutes after starting the system, so this fast heating system is the best choice for home. Heating mat used for overall heating, comfortable heating, wall heating, Indoor high-level demanding and the second decoration. Heating mat are divided into single-conductor electric underfloor heating mat and twin conductor electric underfloor heating mat.
Step 1: Laying the insulation board on the ground, keep the ground dry before install.
Step 2: A special reflective film is placed on the insulating board to reflect heat.
Step 3: Put on the heating mat, and there is adhesive on the back of the heating mat, which can be attached to the  ground material. The whole installation process is much easier and faster. The underfloor heating mat is only 3-5mm thick, and has little influence on the height of the floor. The position such as toilet or platform basin can avoid.
Step 4: Uniformly covered with concrete materials, the thickness of the cover shall refer to the heating standards, and the construction can be carried out with professional tools.
Step 5: Install the thermostat and finally place floor or ceramic tile and other floor decoration materials.

110V 150W/M2 Underfloor Heating Mat 

Model Mat Size Voltage Output Power Power Cable
1m2 0.5*2m 110V 150W 2-3m
1.5m2 0.5*3m 110V 225W 2-3m
2m2 0.5*4m 110V 300W 2-3m
2.5m2 0.5*5m 110V 375W 2-3m
3m2 0.5*6m 110V 450W 2-3m
3.5m2 0.5*7m 110V 525W 2-3m
4m2 0.5*8m 110V 600W 2-3m
4.5m2 0.5*9m 110V 675W 2-3m
5m2 0.5*10m 110V 750W 2-3m
6m2 0.5*12m 110V 900W 2-3m
220V 150W/M2 Underfloor Heating Mat

Model Mat Size Voltage Output Power Power Cable
1m2 0.5*2m 220V 150W 2-3m
1.5m2 0.5*3m 220V 225W 2-3m
2m2 0.5*4m 220V 300W 2-3m
2.5m2 0.5*5m 220V 375W 2-3m
3m2 0.5*6m 220V 450W 2-3m
3.5m2 0.5*7m 220V 525W 2-3m
4m2 0.5*8m 220V 600W 2-3m
4.5m2 0.5*9m 220V 675W 2-3m
5m2 0.5*10m 220V 750W 2-3m
6m2 0.5*12m 220V 900W 2-3m
7m2 0.5*14m 220V 1050W 2-3m
8m2 0.5*16m 220V 1200W 2-3m
9m2 0.5*18m 220V 1350W 2-3m
10m2 0.5*20m 220V 1500W 2-3m
11m2 0.5*22m 220V 1650W 2-3m
12m2 0.5*24m 220V 1800W 2-3m