YouYu Electric Heating

Explosion-proof Temperature Controller

Item No.: Y-WJ
Application: Can automatically control the process temperature of the heated medium
Insulation Material:
Conductor Material:
It can automatically control the process temperature of the heating medium, designed and manufactured according to the requirements of explosion-proof electrical, and used in conjunction with the explosion-proof junction box.
The main technical parameters
Rated voltage: 200V/380V
Rated current: 20A
Temperature adjustment range: 10℃~120℃
Temperature control accuracy: ±2℃
Explosion-proof mark: ExdemIIBT4
Protection level: IP65
Cable nozzle thread: G 1/2
(1) If the junction box is damaged, stop using it and replace it with a new thermostat.
(2) If you need special specifications for temperature control, it can be customized through consultation.
(3) When the temperature control is connected in series between the heating cables, the load current of the heating cable should be less than 20A to avoid damage to the temperature control.